Connecting Light

Aug 31
Sept 1
| 8pm  —  11pm |


How to interact with Connecting Light

During the connecting light installation the audience will be invited to not only enjoy the light animations across the landscape but to be active participants and performers. The website for the project will offer a means to both interact with and observe / decode messages along the wall — allowing visitors to the wall as well as remote and online users the chance to spread their messages across the vast landscape.

If you access the website from a mobile phone (smart phone) such as android or iOS device, you’ll be presented with the the option to submit a message.

When you choose to write a message you are presented with a prompt, you can hit refresh and load new prompts:



the messages can be colored, so you can identify your message along the balloons:



once you’ve typed a message and colored it you’re given the option to choose your location:

you can choose either to use the geolocation on your phone, the name of the section along the wall or to hand choose (via dragging) where you are.

In addition, there’s a live feed, where you can see all the messages that are coming in to the system, in realtime:


Here’s some example messages already posted:

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