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Aug 31
Sept 1
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Connecting Light @ Hadrian’s Wall – crowdsourcing Images November 12, 2012


To be honest with you, during the two-day performance on the Hadrian’s Wall,  we were working from a room with internet connection inside the farm owner’s home on Vallum Farm the whole time.   All six of us, during the show,  we were reading the messages that you sent and felt thankful for each sentences. We were nervous about the performance about our web server and how it would handle thousands of incoming personal messages submitting from users through our website.  We were constantly logging in to iDigi’s website to monitor all hundreds of Xbee devices and the health of our communication network across 76 miles.     But all we really did was scratching our heads, eating little meal and drinking lots of coffee and some beer, starring at our softwares and the website and the app on our computers and phones , and answering phone calls from our technicians on sites.

So what I’m saying is this, the images that uploaded from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, all over the internet, news and media had helped us tremendously to see our project and carried us where we couldn’t go.

We are crowdsourcing a gallery of images of Connecting Light on Hadrian’s wall. We had found a few really good images and hope to receive more from people who see this message. If you were there, please send us your images. We would love to credit you on the blog and any press and media use of your photography in the future.


truely yours,

the YesYesNo team


Credits from this collection:

Hadrian’s Wall Heritage, Craig Allan (Ca2Cal on Flickr), Gavin Wilson (GWCumbria on Flickr),  Marilyn MK on Flickr,  lunaryuna on Flickr,  ambo333 on Flickr, OR_U on Flickr

Please send us your images to molmol at openmolmol dot com  ;  Zach at eyebeam dot org

And let us know how to credit your images.