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We Thank You, Volunteers!!! November 12, 2012

We’ve just compiled a Thank You List for those in NYC who came out and helped.  They were photographers, Grad Students, Designers and Artists, Teachers, Kids …   All names in alphabetical order:


Adrianne Koteen

Aneta Genova

Alec McClure

Allistar Peters

Bruno Kruse

Bernardo Schorr

Claire Mitchell

Carolina Romano

Eszter Ozsvald

Elizabeth Presson

Filipa Tomaz

Francisco Zamorano

Jackson Snellings

Jihyun Lee

Juan Patino

Jon Rygh

John Oneill

John Matthew Griffis

Khen Price

Kasia Witek

Ryan Ong

Robin Reid

Regan Chen and olollo studio

Lorna Fulton

Midori Yasuda

Maya Weinstein

Michael Martinez-Campos

Michell Johanna Cardona

Matt Felsen

Nate Rudolph

Neringa Stonyte

Noa Dolberg

Noah Zerkin

Oliver Rygh

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo

Wouldy Liu

Xuedi Chen


For those who volunteered and donate your time for us, you know who you are,  if you didn’t find your name on our list…  Please pardon us and

send an email to Molmol, and Zach

molmol at openmolmol dot com

Zach at eyebeam dot org